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La Torre alle Tolfe

Set in a charmed and timeless landscape, the estate of la Torre alle Tolfe lies only 3 km northeast from Siena, on top of a high ridge, covered in a patchwork of vineyards, olive groves and forests. Together with just a handful of other farmhouses and a small church, they comprise the hamlet of Le Tolfe.

This is an ancient place. Its name, tradition has it, comes from a certain Tolfo dei Gricci, one of Charlemagne’s knights, who first built a tower and castle here around 785 AD. In the XI Century, one of his descents of the same name hosted his friend, Saint Bruno di Segni in this place. Later still, Le Tolfe is mentioned as “Castro de Tolfis”, in the “Tabulae Possessionum” (1316-18), in the State Archives in Palazzo Piccolomini in Siena.

History aside, the landscape represents much of the best of Tuscany. La Torre alle Tolfe is an organic estate, producing fine wine and oil for local and export markets. The countryside is unspoiled and rich in wildlife, with far-reaching views to Siena and out across the Chianti hills. Perfect for walking and cycling, but close enough to get to Siena in just a few minutes.

The Farmhouses
Five farmhouses, spaced along the winding road or Strada delle Tolfe, make up the “residence di campagna”: or country residence. These are owned and managed by the estate and are carefully maintained by our friendly and helpful staff.

The apartments
Each of the farmhouses is divided into apartments, well-appointed, autonomous and independent. Furnished with care and attention to detail, they provide a comfortable, homely setting. Each has a unique character and aspect, and they accomodate between one and four persons. All of our guests have access to garden areas as well as a swimming pool and games room.

The Villa of La Torre alle Tolfe, at the centre of the estate is managed separately- for further information, clic here

The farmhouses

We have 41 furnished and serviced apartments distributed between five large Tuscan farmhouses. Available for short-term and long-term let. Additional facilities and services including a swimming pool and games room, laundry facilities, Wifi, and a reception and information desk.

Casa Cipriano

(18 Apartments)

Casa Parata

(3 Apartments)

Casa Nociano

(5 Apartments)

Casa Belvedere

(4 Apartments)

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(11 Apartments)

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The services


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The Activities

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